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Bizarre: Man Looking for Bride Specifies Breast, Waist and Feet Size in Matrimonial Ad

Matrimonial ads, in some cases, can cross the boundaries of sanity and make you question if these ads are actual calls for a life partner or a 15-year-old just having fun on the internet. A particular ad is something similar. Launched into the world of social media through Reddit, this matrimonial ad on ‘’ is something that can become your daily dose of funny and weird. The person who rolled out this ad went from seeking values such as ‘conservative,’ ‘liberal,’ ‘pro-life,’ to bra and feet size in the first three lines of the advertisement, and there are roughly 13 overall. So just you wait!

The person goes on to ask that his companion must be “manicured/pedicured and fairly clean.” Honestly, it is not weird to accept hygiene from your partner, but as the pattern this guy is putting forth his demands, the next requirement has to be outright freaky, and guess what, it is! The next line goes, “Your attire should be 80% casual and 20% formal, but should be into wearing costumes in bed.”

After mentioning things like the waist size, position on the political spectrum, and open to “costumes in bed,” he again switches on his sanity and writes, “Be trustworthy, honest, and into movies, road trips, and family stuff.” He goes on to mentioning the age group that he is seeking, “18-26-year-olds,” he writes. In the screengrab shared on Reddit, a few specs of his personal details are also visible.

Watch the ad here:

Netizens had a ball witnessing the epitome of bizarreness and sharing their pieces of mind. One user wrote, “He can get these specs in Cyberpunk 2077. Another wrote, “This guy is ladies tailor or what?”

Apparently, this ad also entered the Twitter space and was brought to the company’s notice by Twitterati. Subsequently, “necessary action was taken.”

We sincerely hope he finds what he is looking for in a partner, but not before he is ridden of his specific requirements !

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