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Chinese Teacher’s 300-Squat Punishment to 14-year-Old Causes Disability For Life

The doctors said that the girl had become handicapped.

The girl was punished for hiding snacks in the school dormitory.

The school-going kids do some mischief or another. Catching students eating lunch during classes or hiding some snacks that are not allowed in school is not something unusual. In China, a schoolgirl kept some snacks in the school dormitory. However, after catching them, a teacher got angry and asked her to do hundreds of squats as a punishment. The 14-years-old studies in a high school in the Sichuan province of southwestern China. The girl’s mother Zhou said that the incident happened on June 10 at 10 in the night.

A teacher found some snacks on her kid’s bed. When asked, the girl said that the snacks weren’t hers. Despite that, the teacher gave her a punishment of 300 squats. After giving the punishment the teacher went away from there but asked another teacher to keep a watch that the punishment was being completed properly. The girl had an injury in her leg in April 2020, and despite knowing that, nobody stopped the punishment. After doing 150 squats, the girl’s condition deteriorated. Her parents took her to various hospitals in the city.

The doctors said that the girl had become handicapped for her entire life and she will have to walk with the help of crutches. The girl has been in a deep shock since that day and is on medicine for depression. When the school came to know about the condition of the girl, the teachers and staff present at the time of the incident were immediately suspended and instructions were also given to investigate the incident. As per local news, the school was also asked to pay a penalty of Rs 13 lakh to the girl’s parents, which they refused to take. This is the second such incident in China.

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