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GATE 2022: Section-wise Preparation Strategy to Score Better

GATE 2022 is around the corner and students have very few months to complete their preparation. The exam is scheduled to be conducted on February 5, 6, 12, and 13, 2022 in two shifts. Here are some tips that will help candidates attempt the paper effectively, obtain good grades, and avoid making silly mistakes.

Go through the points one by one for strategic preparation and effective revision. Choose your subjects in which you are confident and make them stronger. Begin with the most important topics. Discuss and clarify your doubts. Solve problems related to that topic as well as previous GATE problems on that subject. Do take short notes, then move on to the next subject and repeat the process.

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GATE 2022:  How to attempt the new exam pattern

The new GATE pattern comprises three types of questions, each of which necessitates a different strategy in order to clear the exam. The fundamental goal of the exam is to assess a candidate’s ability to apply, analyse, comprehend, recall, and synthesise information. Here are some techniques for each question type to help you overcome the challenges of the new exam pattern:

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Candidates are given four options in MCQs, only one of which is correct. There are 1 or 2 mark MCQs, with 1/3rd negative marks. They are simple in nature and require less time to complete because they are mostly theoretical and to the point. Read the fundamental concepts in each subject and try to memorise the formulas so you can answer the MCQs quickly. Don’t try to answer the questions by guessing, you’ll eliminate some options and take calculated risks if you do so. Remember that guessing will only result in negative marks.

Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)

These questions are newly introduced by IIT and are objective in nature. Each one contains four possible responses, one or more of which is correct, which makes it very tricky. In MSQs, there is no negative marking for incorrect answers, however, no partial credit is given for making partially accurate combinations of options, or for making a single incorrect option. MSQs test the clarity and depth of concepts. The key point is thorough and line-by-line revision.

In MSQs, if you forget to mark one option, you won’t get marks. So, it is very important to check each and every option while solving MSQs. Previous years’ ESE Assertion-Reasons questions will assist you in practising MSQs better.

Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions

NAT includes questions with a real-number value that the candidates must enter by using the virtual numeric keypad on the monitor. To prevent round-off penalties, an acceptable range shall be considered as correct replies for NATs. The questions cannot be attempted without the use of formulas. You should have every formula at your fingertip. Always double-check the question’s units and make the necessary conversions. Keep in mind the units in which you must enter the data into the formula. Besides, always double-check the unit or decimal in which you must input the answer. After you’ve entered your response, double-check to see if you’ve entered the correct value.

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GATE 2022: Tips for using virtual calculator

The GATE authority provides a virtual calculator with the GATE online interface because no hardware calculator is allowed at the venue. Candidates must be familiar with how to utilise the virtual calculator and should practise extensively before the exam to reduce calculation errors:

— When starting a calculation, make sure to press [C].

— For quick computations, use predefined operators like log, ln, n!

— To avoid erroneous computations, use brackets for complex operators.

— For long calculations, use the memory keys listed below.

— MC is used to clear the memory.

— MS is used to store the number in memory.

— MR is used to read numbers from memory.

— M+ is used to add the memory to the number available on display, then store it in memory.

— M- is used to subtract the number on display from the memory value, then store it in memory.

Candidates must always remember higher the number of right answers on the paper, the better your grades. While students only need to answer 40 to 50 questions to earn good grades, it also depends on the branch. A student should start the paper from general aptitude as this section is easier. Any question on the GATE paper should never be answered by guessing. You may guess answers for such questions if you can eliminate two out of four alternatives. So, if you must guess, limit yourself to 2 or 3 questions; otherwise, don’t guess, however, when you don’t know the answer to a numerical type question, you can guess the answer because there are no negative marks.

— Authored by BYJU’S Exam Prep, Rakesh Talreja

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