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Imtiaz Ali Confirms This Detail in ‘Agar Tum Saatho Ho’ From ‘Tamasha’ Was Planned

‘Tamasha’ was a treat to watch. Director Imtiaz Ali spun a magical tale of a man (Ved, played by Ranbir Kapoor) truly finding out who he is interlaced with romance with the character of Tara (played by Deepika Padukone). When Tamasha released in 2015, “Tum Saath Ho” along with Matargashti were the chart toppers on the Indian Music Charts for weeks. The song, shot almost in a linear narrative, with camera following the protagonist narrative, in the years that followed, has a separate fandom of its own. The song is set in the same place Tara moved to a different city to hunt for Ved, and it’s the same black where her heart breaks. Before the song starts, Tara is begging Ved, that she’ll live with it, and to not leave her, even though she is in love with a different ‘side’ of him. Ved rejects her, saying she’ll be compromising, and tries to leave, while Tara continues pleading through tears. Removing her embrace, Ved sits down with his head on the table, while Tara sits next to him and then slowly runs her hands through his hair. Then the main conflict arrives: Ved leaves, leaving Tara crying. The camera shot follows Tara looking for him in the bylanes of Haus Khas Village, and then eventually finding him. The juxtaposition of colours, where many have noticed Tara’s is warm colours, with Ved’s being neutral and cold ones, shows how on different end of the spectrum they were when it came to the same conversation, one feeling everything, and one feeling nothing.

A comment on the official video posted by T-Series noted how ‘Tara was dressed in the colour of heart, and Ved in the colour of brain.’ Resharing a screenshot of the comment on an Instagram post, Imtiaz Ali confirmed on his Instagram story, that the choice of colour was indeed planned: to show rational vs a passionate side.

When it comes to producing emotions, Tamasha was most likely Imtiaz’s greatest work. It is not just Deepika Padukone’s finest performance of her career, but alone of Ranbir Kapoor’s greatest flicks. Imtiaz’s writing puts the two’s exquisite connection to the ultimate test. This isone of Imtiaz’s most creative literary projects, making it one of his finest works. It has been 5 years since the movie released, but both the movie, as well as ‘Agar Tum Sath Ho’ have a separate fanbase of its own.

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