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INTERACTIVE: Breakdown of the Melaka election results

PETALING JAYA: Melaka voters gave Barisan Nasional a big victory at the state election on Saturday, allowing the coalition to secure a two-thirds majority in the 28-seat state assembly.

Barisan won 21 seats with Umno bagging 18 followed by MCA with two seats and MIC winning one.

Pakatan Harapan won five seats while Perikatan Nasional won two.

Here’s what he balance of power looks like following the vote:

Barisan won the popular vote by getting 38.39% of the ballots, while Pakatan Harapan bagged 36.65% of the ballots and Perikatan Nasional securing 23.47%.

Turnout was lower this time around compared to the last general election in 2018 (GE14).

Following is a breakdown showing how many each party won, and who won where.

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