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Melaka Polls: There was a ‘wind of change’ but not enough to form state govt, says Muhyiddin

MELAKA: Perikatan National has made inroads in Melaka, but not enough to form a government, says Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (pic).

The coalition’s chairman said he was thankful they won two state seats and received encouraging support at the seats it contested.

“Perikatan has made inroads in Melaka. There was a wind of change but not enough numbers to form our own state government,” he said during a press conference here on Saturday (Nov 20).

Perikatan managed to win two seats namely the Sungai Udang and the Bemban state seats in the state polls.

Muhyiddin also thanked Melaka voters for giving their support to Perikatan candidates and congratulated Barisan for winning the state polls.

“I hope the incoming Barisan government will fulfil all its promises to the Melaka people as listed in its manifesto,” he said.

He added Perikatan would conduct an in-depth study on the polls outcome as it was the first time it contested under an alliance with PAS and Gerakan.

“We will study the results whether it has anything to do with the low voter turnout, our (election) machinery or other issues.

“These will definitely serve as a lesson for us to face the upcoming general election,” he said.

Muhyiddin said Perikatan was prepared to face any future state election or the general election.

“We will always give our best service and fight any form of abuse of power and corruption,” he said.

Asked on the cooperation with Barisan, Muhyiddin said the cooperation was formed at federal level prior to the Melaka state polls to provide continuity and not to disrupt assistance to the rakyat during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We will give that our priority but our experience in Melaka will be considered in terms of our position in the future,” he said.

Asked about the calls made by Umno leader, Datuk Lokman Noor Adam to dissolve Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia and rejoin Umno, the Bersatu president said: “I am sorry we have moved far away. We are confident that our principles, not only Bersatu, support a better government based on the principles of transparency, integrity and against corruption.

“That is the basis of our struggle. So should I abandon all these principles just to rejoin my old party?

“The answer is no. We will stay consistent and work together and become stronger so we can be a main challenger to Barisan.

“The people will also have an option for them to choose a party of their choice.

“The formation of Bersatu and Perikatan is a healthy political development under our parliamentary democracy system,” he said.

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