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Home » Blog » PM congratulates CNR Rao for receiving int’l award in energy research | India News – Times of India

PM congratulates CNR Rao for receiving int’l award in energy research | India News – Times of India

Prime minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Professor CNR Rao for receiving the International Eni Award 2020 for research in renewable energy sources and energy storage, the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) said on Tuesday.
Stating that the Eni Award is considered the Nobel Prize in energy research, the institute said that the award will be presented on October 14.
“Prof Rao has been working on hydrogen energy as the only energy source for the benefit of mankind.”
The highlights of his work are: hydrogen storage, photochemical and electrochemical production of hydrogen, solar production of hydrogen and non-metallic catalysis.
According to the JNCASR, the award has been conferred for his “work on metal oxides, carbon nanotubes and other materials, and two-dimensional systems, including graphene, boron-nitrogen-carbon hybrid materials, and molybdenum sulfide (Molybdenite – MoS2) for energy applications and green hydrogen production”.
Prime minister Modi wrote a congratulatory letter dated October 4, in which he mentioned that the conferment of the prestigious award is another recognition of Rao’s “indefatigable efforts towards pioneering research in the field”.
“The conferment of the award has done the nation proud and this will inspire generations of young scientists and also cultivate the spirit of scientific enquiry in the hearts and minds of youngsters,” the JNCASR said in a statement, quoting the letter.
The institute added that the Eni Award ceremony is scheduled at the Presidential Palace “Palazzo del Quirinale Rome” in the presence of the president of the Italian Republic. However, in view of the pandemic, the Indian Ambassador in Italy, Neena Malhotra, will receive the prize on behalf of Rao.

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