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PM listens to everyone, doesn’t impose decisions, says Amit Shah | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Union home minister Amit Shah on Sunday said a section who have been opposed to BJP’s ideology have deliberately distorted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image by painting him as authoritarian, and stressed that the latter listens to everyone and does not impose his views.
“It’s very unfortunate… Certain people who are opposed to our ideology keep distorting facts and make a concerted bid to hurt the image of Modi ji. The fact is that he is a patient listener and speaks the least, irrespective of the nature of the meeting,” the home minister said in an interview in which he said he considers himself “fortunate” to have worked closely with Modi, first in Gujarat and now at the Centre.
Shah made light of what he called the caricature of the Prime Minister, saying that the opposition’s attempt to play it up has only made the PM stronger because he has a standing among people.
“After every opposition, Modi emerges stronger, his will power becomes stronger because support of the people lies with him. Support of the people is rock solid with Modi ji. In democracy, there cannot be a bigger achievement,” Shah said in an exclusive interview with the newly-launched Sansad TV.
“He listens to everyone patiently… he is a listener. Sometimes even I often wonder why should be there so much deliberation. However, Modi ji takes decisions patiently and heeds to suggestions on merit and not according to the stature of the individual,” Shah said. “There is not an iota of truth that Modi imposes decisions… It is not correct at all. People who have worked under him, some of whom may be a few critics too, will admit that deliberations of Union cabinet have never been as democratic as under Modi Ji. I have not seen a listener like him,” Shah said.
He added that people don’t get to know about the democatic deliberations in the Union cabinet since Modi is a disciplinarian and ensures that what transpires in meetings of the cabinet does not spill over into public.
“The PM believes in discipline… He believes that internal discussions should not come out. There was a time when it used to come out and it used to be useful for some. It does not happen any more. Media are often caught unaware and, hence, decisions which have been taken after exhaustive deliberations are projected as Modi ji’s calls. The reality is that the pros and cons are deliberated in detail and people have been heard out,” Shah said. “Of course, he is the PM and the ultimate decision-making authority, but each decision is deliberated,” he added.
On why the PM takes decisions fraught with political risks, the home minister said it is becaue of his belief that he should use his term to transform the country. “Our aim is to transform the country… to fetch a respectable position for the country of 130 crore citizens globally, which is due for several years,” Shah added.

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