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Popular Crypto-trading Hamster Mr Goxx Has Died

Mr Goxx, the hamster popular for being a cryptocurrency investor, has finally bid goodbye to the world. The rodent had gained fame after his owners decided to convert his actions into real trading for the crypto market. The whole thing was started as a joke to highlight the randomness of success in cryptocurrency. Mr Goxx’s humans, two 30-something men from Germany, broke the news of his demise on Twitter to the hamster’s 18,000 followers.

“We feared this day like no other and are truly shocked for it to happen just now,” the tweet read. “In deep sorrow, we have to announce the loss of our beloved furry friend.

Mr Goxx’s Twitter account is filled with updates about his trading sessions which used to be live-streamed on Twitch. The rodent’s owners had set up a cage consisting of an intention wheel, two tunnels and a tiny trading desk. The type of cryptocurrency to invest in is selected after the rodent runs on the intention wheel, and the two tunnels help in whether to sell or buy the chosen digital currency.

The idea behind using the rodent to trade in cryptocurrency was born after his owners’ thought that people were simply throwing away their savings in crypto without having any clue about the outcomes.

“We were joking about whether my hamster would be able to make smarter investment decisions than we humans do,” the owners told BBC.

The rodent’s name Mr Goxx is also derived from a failed crypto exchange company Mt. Gox. The hamster’s owners, however, cautioned the followers that they must not take financial inspiration from Mr Goxx’s trading session which they highlight is simply a joke.

Now that Mr Goxx is no more, his owners have informed his Twitter followers the future of his trading sessions remain uncertain, noting that they are still coming to terms with his death.

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