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RSS has only two issues communalism, religious conversion, Chhattisgarh CM compares RSS & Naxalites | India News – Times of India

RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh chief minister on Wednesday stepped up his attack comparing RSS workers and their activities with Naxalites saying, “Like the Maoist leaders drive the movement from Andhra Pradesh and handover guns to locals in the state, RSS in Chhattisgarh also has its control unit at Nagpur.
“They have only two issues to raise– instigating communalism and religious conversion. Vinayak Savarkar has advocated the two-nation theory that led to the India-Pakistan partition, The chief minister said alleging that BJP and RSS are left with no issues to raise, so they are trying to trigger riots in towns. ” But we will not tolerate it,” he said while talking to the media over many issues before proceeding on a visit to Bilaspur and Durg districts.
“Vinayak Savarkar was the first person to advocate two-nation theory in 1925 and laid the foundation for partition of India and Pakistan, that was backed by Muslim league in 1937. The RSS in Chhattisgarh was sitting idle for the last 15 years and worked only like bonded labour for the organization. The RSS here has its headquarters in Nagpur and they are being controlled and used by that unit, just the way Naxal leaders sitting in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana like states, use local cadres to fire and face the bullets in forests,” Baghel said.
Accusing the RSS in Chhattisgarh of having no mind of its own, Baghel said ” BJP and RSS have got no issue to raise in Chhattisgarh, neither tribal related, nor farmer or ST/SC and industry either. They are masters in instigating people by raising emotive issues. After a long lull of the pandemic and now when life is returning to normal, those people are trying to disrupt peace in towns, he added.
BJP national vice president Raman Singh reacted to CM’s statement saying, it shows the mindset of Congress and CM.
“This shows the ‘sanskar’ which he was taught. I would like to mention that RSS initiates and stands tall whenever there’s a natural calamity in the country. If the CM doesn’t know, Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1962 had invited the organization for Republic Day parade. RSS has always displayed and promoted patriotism, fought against religious conversion, imbibed ‘sanskar’ among children through the ‘shakhas’,” he said.
Singh said why was Kawardha incident was being trivialized despite that a religious flag was stamped and crushed while those who tried to intervene were beaten up.

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