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Rujuta Diwekar shares mother’s recipe for Gulkand; know its health benefits

Rujuta Diwekar who often shares rare tips on health, nutrition and diseases on her social media recently took to Instagram to post gulkand recipe from her mother’s kitchen. The celebrity nutritionist in her previous posts has talked about the health benefits of gulkand, especially for digestion.

Gulkand or rose petal jam is not only refreshing to have during summers but can also relieve digestive troubles like acidity, bloating and constipation in any season. Starting your day with a teaspoon of gulkand can also keep you energised through the day. You can also have it after meals to support digestion. If you are someone who gets uncontrolled sweet cravings post meal, gulkand will help you to curb those.

Here are the other benefits of Gulkand:

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It helps you sleep better: Gulkand is a natural coolant and having it with milk every day will make sure you have a good night’s sleep.

Gulkand helps remove acne marks: Gulkand helps remove toxins from the body and purifies blood. It is helpful in skin conditions like acne, pimple and boils.

Gulkand also helps with PCOS: If you have spotting before periods or polycystic ovary syndrome, adding gulkand to your diet would be helpful

Helps relieve acidity and bloating: Mix with water and sip through the day to beat acidity and bloating, says Diwekar

The nutritionist also shares her mother’s recipe of making gulkand for her the benefit of her social media followers

Recipe from Rujuta’s mother Rekha Diwekar


– Take only the petals (rose) and put them in a clean glass bottle.

– For one bowl of petals, add equal amount of sugar.

– Keep the bottle in Sun with lid tight.

– Keep adding petals and sugar layers.

– Keep in Sun for atleast 10 more days after the last layer.

Diwekar also suggests you to have gulkand, a storehouse of iron, with a paan leaf for excellent digestion and absorption of nutrients.

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