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Schools’ board of governors stands by decision to isolate unvaccinated teacher

IPOH: The St Michael’s Institution Board of Governors (BOG) stands by the action of the school’s principal in isolating an unvaccinated teacher, says chairman Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian.

In a joint statement issued by him and the school’s Parents Teachers’ Association chairman Simon Yeong Chin Chow on Thursday (Nov 25), they agreed that the principal complied with all procedures.

The BOG and the Association added that they are aware of the Covid-19 standard operating procedure under the Control of Infections Diseases Act as well as the directive from the Education Ministry.

“Our principal has complied with all the procedures, and the BOG stands by his actions,” they added in the statement.

On Wednesday (Nov 24), it had been reported that the unvaccinated teacher was placed in isolation in a storeroom because the school was following a directive from the ministry.

SMK St Michael principal Sit Wai Yin had said that the teacher is the only one who had yet to get a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and is therefore not allowed to have face-to-face interaction with other teachers or students.

The teacher had expressed his regret at being isolated because he was not vaccinated.

A video on the issue was uploaded on TikTok on Monday (Nov 22) and received over 1.2 million views.

According to guidelines on school management and operations set by the Ministry, those who have not been vaccinated or had rejected it would still need to go to school but need to adhere to all guidelines and directives.

They are not allowed to conduct face-to-face teaching and learning nor be in the same room or areas as the students or other school staff members.

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