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Shaadi season is here. Tips by Rujuta Diwekar to keep digestion smooth

Shaadi season is here and at this time of the year it is normal to see long queues in front of parlours and shopping places bursting at the seams. While last year lacked this festive vibe, this year is different as men and women are busy making preparations and finalising their wardrobe for the upcoming weddings scheduled in the months of November and December.

The wedding season in India picks up momentum as the year nears its end adding to the festive cheer and bringing with it a lot of excitement. Especially after last year’s Covid restrictions, the upcoming wedding season seems even more special as people can’t wait to attend big fat year-end weddings.

Attending multiple shaadis also means a change in routine for people – more late nights, missing out on sleep, missing workouts and gorging on calorie-laden food. It is important to keep your immunity high and your digestive health smooth during this time.

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Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar suggests foods from methi laddoo to chyawanprash to ease digestive issues.

1. Methi laddoo made with jaggery, ghee and dry ginger: Diwekar says it will prevent stomach cramps and constipation and promote intestinal mucosa and even help keep your hair lustrous which can otherwise look frizzy due to a poor functioning stomach.

Do it: Either at breakfast or as a 4-6 pm meal, if you are out of routine with sleep and even missing workouts. Helps with blood sugar regulation too.

2. Glass of chaas with hing and kalanamak right after lunch: While the chaas or buttermilk is both a good source of probiotics and Vit B12, the hing and kalanamak combo will help cut down bloating, gas and even prevent IBS.

Do it: especially if you are attending evening functions and want to sport a flat stomach.

3. A tsp of chyawanprash at bedtime: This keeps the immune system strong. It is also a solid source of flavonoids and antioxidants and will ensure that the skin stays supple and soft even through the torture of the wedding festivities.

Do it: if late night shaadis are a routine and especially if you are at destination weddings.

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