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Soha Ali Khan took the stairs, ‘but not in the usual way’

Staircases are something which can be easily found in and around your household. Next time you make an excuse to skip your workout routine, remember this video of Soha Ali Khan who turned her staircase into her workout arena.

Soha is a fitness enthusiast – the plethora of videos and pictures of herself engrossed in her fitness routine on her Instagram profile stands witness to the same. Be it acing a yoga position or taking up a high intensity workout routine, Soha can do it all and more. Caution alert – some of them are not for the faint-hearted.

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Soha never compromises with her fitness and can turn anything and any place into a gym – even if it is just the staircase of her home. For Thursday, Soha Ali Khan decided to take the stairs, “but not in the usual way.” Instead, she utilised her time on the stairs to work on her core and leg muscles. In the video, Soha can be seen squating her way down the stairs and going upwards as well. In the next part of the video, Soha can be seen performing the plank position while making her way down the stairs in the position. ” Take the stairs! But not in the usual way,” quite aptly she captioned her video. Soha also shared her fitness state of mind in the form of hashtags to her post – #workout, #stairs, #onestepatatime and #fitness. Take a look at her video here:


Climbing staircases comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in strengthening and toning the leg muscles and increases blood flow to the legs by keeping the leg arteries flexible. Plank, on the other hand, builds core strength and improves flexibility and coordination of the body. Squats help in strengthening the muscles of the body body and shedding the extra calories.

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