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Sussanne Khan says Box jumps equals best legs in new intense workout video, here’s proof

Indian interior designer Sussanne Khan believes being consistent is the only way to be on top of your fitness game. However, finding the motivation to do so can be difficult. If you are also struggling to find inspiration to head to the gym or work out at your home, Sussanne’s latest video will definitely help you out.

The former wife of actor Hrithik Roshan, Sussanne, took to Instagram on Sunday to share a video of herself sweating it out at her home gym. The caption of her post revealed she did a workout which helped her concentrate on each muscle of her body. She did exercises like Box jumps, Inclined push-ups, Inverted box push-ups, Box step-ups, and more. She also added that Box jumps are equal to the best legs, and we agree.

Sussanne posts the video on her page with the caption, “Consistency is the only way to be on top of your game. Ms Muscle can be sad sometimes if we don’t continue to test her. Note to self. Don’t take long breaks from playing with Ms Muscle. #EricPrydzmygymbuddy #Boxjumps=bestlegs #MsMuscleIsaluteyou.”

Watch the clip here:


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The video begins with Sussanne doing several repetitions of Box jumps. She follows the exercise with Inclined push-ups and Inverted inclined box push-ups. In the end, the 42-year-old rounded off her intense routine with box step-ups and inverted push-ups.

After sharing the clip, Sussanne even got love from her fans as they took to the comments section to praise her. 

Comments on Sussanne Khan’s post. 

Benefits of each exercise that Sussanne practised:

The Box jumps are plyometric moves that strengthen lower-body muscles like glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings. They also raise your heart rate and effectively burn calories.

Inclined push-ups take pressure off the shoulders and wrists and put more emphasis on the chest muscles. This helps in engaging core muscles.

Inverted push-ups activate all the muscles of the chest and arms, enhancing coordination in your whole body. It also helps in building upper-body strength.

The Box step-up is an effective exercise that improves symmetry, balance, and coordination. It also develops strength in the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

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