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This Girl Faked Being Sick to Skip School and it Saved Her Life

During the car ride to the clinic, Mary’s fake act turned into reality as she actually started experiencing a sore throat. Credits: YouTube

This schoolgirl faked having a sore throat to skip school and it ended up being a life-saver.

We all have at some point in our teenage years, pulled off fake illnesses to skip school. Having off on a weekday sounds fun, but it does not come easy. A certain degree of acting chops is required to convince parents and teachers, who are well versed with such mischiefs. Schoolkids fake being ill either to take part in other activities, which clash with school hours, or to just sleep an hour or two extra. But a girl realised that her attempt to get a day off from school turned into a blessing in disguise, which saved her life. Mary, whose username on TikTok is @clutzychick, narrated a throwback tale from the time when she was only an 8-year-old. What did she do? Mary had decided to skip classes by faking an illness. In the video, Mary said that she told her mother she had a sore throat, hence wanted to skip school. Luckily, Mary’s trick worked out. Not only did her mom buy the “sore throat” excuse but also took Mary to a doctor’s clinic for a check-up. But during the car ride to the clinic, Mary explained, her act turned into reality as she started experiencing soreness in her throat. Her mother had to pull up four times during the drive, just to get her something to drink.

On reaching the clinic, the doctor determined that the 8-year-old was severely underweight, hence, they had to run some tests. In the TikTok clip, Mary revealed that when the final reports arrived, she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. She explained that her blood sugar was at an extremely dangerous level and the doctor rushed her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with severe diabetes.

Following the diagnosis and treatment, Mary had to skip school for several weeks. The TikTok video has garnered over 5 million views and several other social media pages have also shared Mary’s “blessing in disguise” story.

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