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Video: This Elephant Stealing Watermelon From Woman is Your Daily Dose of ‘Adorable’

Every day, several videos go viral on social media, but the most famous among them are clips of animals. These are not amusing but at times also emotional. Ranging from cute chimpanzees imitating someone to adorable dog videos, there are a variety of videos making their way to the internet.

A new video doing the rounds on the internet has proven that elephants are now the social media celebs.

In the video, uploaded by an Instagram handle, mokshabybee_tigers, a woman is sitting in the chair and having her watermelon. Suddenly, an elephant trunk emerges, picks the watermelon from the woman’s lap, and puts it in his mouth. “Stole my watermelon,” reads the caption to the video. The woman, Moksha Bybee, continued to laugh even as the elephant ate the watermelon.

Since being posted online, the video is attracting sweet reactions from netizens. Till now it has been viewed over 253,000 times, while over 17,000 people have liked the video. The comments section is filled with heart and laughing emojis.

In another video that was uploaded on Moksha’s Instagram shows an elephant and a dog having the time of their life. The video shows the “Beautiful Friendship” between the two as they go for a swim together.

Moksha is an animal lover and her Instagram feed is filled with adorable animal videos. She is often seen playing with them or having fun. One video shows her playing with the elephant in the water.


Aren’t these videos adorable? What do you think?

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