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World Television Day 2021: History and Significance

Although the internet has taken the consumers of information by storm, one thing that it is still not able to replace completely is Television. Ever since mass communication tightened its grip over the minds of leaders and the community, television has been at the helm of shaping public opinion.

To realize the importance of television in moulding policies, forming decisions, and channelling information into the masses, the United Nations, every year, observes World Television Day on November 21. The day is celebrated to recognize the increasing importance and impact of television on society and the ability of decision-making. The small impact on each person compounds a major shift in ideas and can greatly influence world politics.

According to the statistics collected by the United Nations, the number of households with television will be roughly 1.73 billion by 2023. To put things in perspective, the number of Netflix subscribers, as of October 2021, stands at 214 million. So it is pretty evident that digital streaming platforms have a long way to go to reach the numbers television has.

The journey from being invented by a 21-year-old guy named Philo Taylor Farnsworth II from Utah to becoming the biggest source of information on a global level, television’s growth has proliferated and still seems to rise, even in the hyper-connected world.

The United Nations devised a committee on December 17, 1996, and recognized the importance of television as a medium of global exchanges of information pertaining to economic, social, and cultural aspects deeply etched in the fabric of society. As a result, the committee decided to celebrate November 21 as World Television Day.

Although the day is centred around the existence of the device, it, more importantly, focuses and attempts to draw attention towards the philosophy that the device births, i.e., the nexus of communication and the wave of globalization that television so impeccably fostered.

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